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Friday, December 16, 2005

Congress Cuts Research, Education Spending - Yahoo! News

Courtesy of Shakespeare's Sister, we find this glory:
Programs funded under President Bush's No Child Left Behind education law would face a 4 percent cut, while aid for special education and Title I funding for disadvantaged children would be frozen at last year's levels, assuming the across-the-board cut is imposed.

Yeah, great. Underfund, and then wonder why you can't hit impossible goals.

And David Obey, whom I picked on yesterday, at least falls (literally) on the side of the angels here:
"The holidays are supposed to be a time of generosity — a time when Santa Claus fills children's stockings," said Rep. David Obey, D-Wis. "Instead, this Congress is emptying them in order to provide a tax cut that gives 50 percent of the benefit to people making more than $1 million."

Meanwhile, back in IrresponsibleRepublicanville, the rationalisations are flying:
Republicans said they had produced the best bill they could in lean budget times....They noted that lawmakers had sacrificed $1 billion worth of hometown projects such as grants to community health centers to spread additional funds to other programs.

Gosh, that makes me feel better! They're cutting pork--and they think that a "community health center" is pork. Talk about the other white meat...


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