100 Economics Question of the Day: An Intermittent Blog: Anyone have a question for R. Glenn Hubbard?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anyone have a question for R. Glenn Hubbard?

Getting to meet him at a reception Monday night, and don't want to be too off-putting. (Most of my usual questions--e.g., given that companies are asking workers to take more risk [e.g., defined contribution pensions], why is their compensation being reduced?--are probably unacceptable to the Powers Who Arranged the Bash.)

Update: No harm, no foud, and not enough ambience to make it worth considering staying at the reception. Noticed a couple of (relatively speaking) Movers and Shakers there, but, as Tom Bozzo notes (after the first set of photos), there are more important things than Another Cocktail Party.


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