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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Equivalent to Raider merchandise?

Is this an efficient market?

Or is it just sickening? (See UPDATE below)
"Historically, lacrosse has been one of our three or four best-selling sports," said Tom Craig, general manager of retail stores at the Durham, N.C., school. "But over the last month, sales have increased to three or four times our normal rate."

But there is a silver lining from some:
"The reasons we stopped selling the gear are very straightforward," said Jeff Hennion, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of the company, which has more than 200 stores nationwide. "It is highly controversial in the Raleigh-Durham area. Having that type of product out in front of our customers seemed to be a lightning rod. And secondly, we had customers who saw it out in the store and complained about it."

Nice to see Michael Savage's listeners still have some spare cash.
When the story first hit the news more than a month ago, the average price of a Duke lacrosse item on the online auction site eBay was $7.74. The average price now is $17.04. The pace of transactions has increased, too. In early March, only a handful of Duke lacrosse items changed hands in a week. This past week, 79 items sold.

UPDATE: ESPN.com's Dan Shanoff weighs in with the same reaction:
The demand for Duke lacrosse merchandise is hot. Actually, it's a little sickening....

I have to believe that you won't get a warm reception from people if you're trying to suggest you're cool or an ironic hipster by wearing the shirt.

I wish I thought he was correct.


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